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  • 20 Years in Business
  • 3 Manufacturing Plants + 1 Tooling Design Center
  • 150 Machines
  • Right in the Border with El Paso Texas
  • We mold plastic parts for any industry
  • High quality affordable plastic parts


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       We provide shipping to businesses across Mexico and the US!

Competitive Advantages



Manufacturing Plants

Years in Business

Right on the border with Texas

We manufacture from the border of Mexico. Avoid intermediaries between US and China.

Ensure timely delivery

Quote within 24 hours. Fast shipping to all USA & MEX. Avoid delays. We guarantee you the smooth delivery of your parts.

Custom service

We also work side by side with our clients to provide a personalized and insightful service.

Leading manufacturer in the industry

We provide high-precision injection molding and high-quality components with a wide variety of applications for different industries.

ISO 9001: 2015 certified company

We guarantee first-class custom injection molded plastics. We perform frequent quality inspections and operate a metrology lab. 

Our Satisfied Clients

Ingeniería Metálica y Plástica de México, S.A de C.V