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IMP is a leading manufacturer in the plastic injection molding industry

We offer high-quality molds and injection-molded components with the utmost precision used in a diverse array of applications in various industries.

Your Expert Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer in Mexico

With over 20 years of experience we provide our clients with a complete and quality experience from start to finish, including the design and engineering of components, as well as the subsequent production and assembly of plastic injection parts.

High Precision Injection Molding

With our high precision injection molding service we can supply you with high quality components in a variety of complicated shapes and sizes. In IMP, we provide you with rapid prototyping and highly efficient production of plastic parts.

Quality Guaranteed

We assure you full satisfaction with the quality of our products, at IMP we have an excellent quality management system that ensures the preciseness and accuracy of our components. We also work side by side with our clients to provide a personalized and insightful service.

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